George Taylor


 A Spacetime Odyssey.


An 'abstract' journey through and over the five most recent pieces of George Taylor's Elemental Series. The artworks in this series can be viewed on Gallery 5.

"In this series I have used paint and a variety of other media, primarily handmade paper to create abstract, or perhaps, more accurately, abstracted images of natural phenomena, not based on specific identifiable locations, but on feelings and recollections of lived experience, but broadly analogous with the sea and the coast. For this reason, the works are not titled individually, but are simply numbered within the series for purposes of reference."

George Taylor

Spaces of Invention and Places of Imagination.


1st July to 13th July 2013.
Royal Birmingham Society of Artists exhibition, 4 Brook Street, St. Paul's, Birmingham, B3 1SA.

"George Taylor extends the tradition of pure painting from his own conviction, belief and affinity with the inner mood expressed in the work of past artists and the potential for an emotional response in the contemporary viewer. It is within the relationship between the immaterial nature of the artist’s sensed emotional and the material quality of the constructed image that his paintings extend a contemporary visual language offering the viewer an intense expression. If it is thought which has informed the process of making it is feeling and emotion that have provided the content and meaning of paintings, which share an affinity with Pollock’s dictum of, ‘work in progress which remains in progress’. George takes each work towards a resolution expressed within the terms of his own developing conception of ‘optimum coherence’. The experience of viewing these paintings provides those hints and glimpses of space experienced in the natural world evolved through mark and gesture into evocations of experiences, which have been absorbed, selected and filtered through the artists sensibility and memory within the constant process of working and re-working, resulting in images, which are in essence, landscapes of the mind, spaces of invention and places of imagination. Source: extract from ‘A Coherent Optimist’ a painter’s response to the work of George Taylor."

Bob Edgson 2007.

Frost, Family and Friends. The Banbury Years.













The Banbury Museum Trust.
Banbury Museum, Spiceball Park Road, Banbury OX16 2PQ
All work by Terry Frost © Estate of Terry Frost. All rights Reserved, DACS 2015.

'Sir Terry Frost RA lived and worked in Banbury from early 1963 to 1974, when he relocated to Newlyn. I knew him well during this period, and when Banbury Museum organised an exhibition in 2015 to celebrate the centenary of Terry's birth, the Museum commissioned a film to accompany this. The exhibition was titled 'Frost, Family and Friends. The Banbury Years', as was the film, and although I was recovering from anti-cancer treatment at the time, I was delighted to appear in the film, which also included contributions from two of Terry's sons, Stephen, the actor, and poetry from Adrian."

George Taylor



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