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Elemental Drawings, Images in Graphite and Mixed Media on Heavyweight Watercolour Paper.

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"Drawing isn’t necessarily about linearity, or as Paul Klee so succinctly put it ‘taking a line for a walk’.

One can describe space and form in a variety of ways, using paint for example, as Helen Frankenthaler has said: I’ve felt more and more that the drawing should come from what the shapes of the colours are, rather than I am arranging this with lines or confinements or patterns’.

In these drawings, I have used line to describe space and tension, but also paint applied with a palette knife, collage and oil pastel, it doesn’t really matter what one uses, as long as one is ‘in control’ of the process, but at the same time, in a seemingly paradoxical manner perhaps, allowing for risk taking and the element of chance.

The crucial aspect, as always, is knowing when to stop, that particular, but elusive moment of ‘optimum coherence’, when a mark too many might be entirely counter productive."

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Elemental Drawing 1 Elemental Drawing 2 Elemental Drawing 3 Elemental Drawing 4 Elemental Drawing 5
Elemental Drawing 1 by George Taylor Elementa Drawingl 2 by George Taylor Elemental 3 by George Taylor Elemental Drawing 4 by George Taylor Elemental Drawing 5 by George Taylor
60cms x 47cms 60cms x 47cms 60cms x 47cms 60cms x 47cms 60cms x 47cms
Elemental Drawing 6        
Elemental Drawing 6 by George Taylor        
60cms x 47cms        

"In other approaches and in other media, that ‘mark too far’ might be obliterated or disguised, but in this approach particularly, it
is difficult to change or to delete, and might well be absolutely critical to the success or otherwise of the image in terms of pictorial dynamics.

I have titled these pieces, ‘Elemental Drawings, because although they might appear superficially different, they are informed by and related to my ‘Elemental Series’.

Whilst they are ‘of themselves’, are essentially self-referential, and thus have no actual subject as such, they are equally elemental in the sense that they are minimalistic, but also pertain to elemental natural phenomena, earth, water, air, and fire – especially the dramatic interaction of physical forces one experiences in coastal locations.

Indeed, I began this series almost immediately upon my return from my most recent trip to West Penwith in the summer of 2018."

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